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Jake Wienke

Area Director
Fun Fact:

I was on Young Life staff for four years before stepping away for a season. I remained involved in Young Life and eventually realized I wanted to be in full-time ministry again.  God planned for my return to Young Life when He planned for my family and me to move to Minnetonka.  Young Life was not present in Minnetonka then, and I knew I had the energy, capacity and desire to get it started. He picked this Southwest Twin Cities area for us! We are thrilled to be back into full-time ministry following his leading in the Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Chaska and Chanhassen communities.

Nick Doble

Minnetonka Staff Associate
Fun Fact:

Having been a part of Young Life for over seven years as a either a volunteer or on staff, my YL leader saw the potential in me as we grew close. Going into leadership, I want to be able to do the same with students at Minnetonka High School.  God has shaped me as a man, given me my best friends, and has greatly impacted my life through the avenue of Young Life. I am humbled and honored to step into full-time ministry in Minnetonka.

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